Visit by Bimla Raina

A renowned Kashmiri Singer.

Visited on 10 October, 2012


Schools like this can only be found in heaven. Students, teachers and Heads are most disciplined. Small kids have a homely feeling. The School is very neat and hygienic. Teachers are most tolerable. The principal of the School is very disciplined and typically like the very caring Grand-mother for the students.

Bimla Raina, one of the most exciting contemporary poets in Kashmiri, visited Delhi Public School, Srinagar on 10th of October, 2012. She met the students of Class IX and spoke to them on Lal Ded and Sufi mystic poets. Students interacted with her and she explained the Vakhs of Lal Ded , the Sufi Saint poetess of 14th century.

Bimla Raina has published a number of books on mystic poets of Kashmir. Her most recent publication is “Lal Ded Meri Drishti Mai” which is the most significant recent additions to studies on Lal Ded.