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Farewell 2013

April 19, 2013

Farewell, 2013 proved to be a grand event with the colours of the cultural feast unfolding themselves and blending with the beauty of the graceful evening that was awaiting ahead. Guests in beautiful dresses and impressive personalities joined the hall to grace the occasion. DIPSITES are handsome gentlemen and gorgeous ladies; the fact was never as clear. The guests were welcomed by the compares – Hishma and Kashif and the evening was going to be fun and entertaining, they promised. The event began with a song by Madeeha – the beauty of whose voice filled and soon enthralled the hall. It was followed by Rayan and Imran who rocked the stage by their ‘robotic dance performance’. ‘Dipsites do not lack talent in any field’ was soon proved as drama unfolded itself on the stage; a skit was performed by the students of class XII. The theme of the skit was to highlight the 10 year journey of Delhi Public School, Srinagar. After the skit, the band of the school, ‘Sueen’ presented its talent on the stage.; the beautiful voice of the singers, the delicacy of the guitarists and the energy of the drummer which made the guests dance to each beat. After the song, Titles were declared with Dipsites being rewarded for the image and the inspiration that he/she had been, while in the school.

Mr Vijay Dhar’s speech followed the fun part of the evening. He addressed the outgoing students with words full of experience and advice. In his own charming way, he waved the guests a goodbye. A 2-minute ‘dance for fun’ was performed by Sarmad and Mehdi to be able to say ‘Pappu can dance’ and in fact, ‘I am a disco-dancer’.

After the fun, Mr Showkat Hakim came up to the dais to speak a few words to the guests. Mrs. H Nazir who had been more of a mother to every student of the school couldn’t attend the function due to some reasons but she didn’t miss to send her few words of advice wrapped in the delicacy of her love and care for the students. Her letter was read before the guests and greeted by an applause full of gratitude by the listeners.

How could the most entertaining part be off the stage? The ‘ramp walk’ followed the fun to add its own glamour to the grand evening. Graceful movements and smart walks by handsome gentlemen and beautiful ladies aroused a stir among the audience. Simple and elegant moves with perfect coordination proved its beauty on the stage with Huzaif and Adnan rocking the stage with their stunning dance performance. An emotional touch finally wrapped the session with Neha singing in the beautiful voice ‘Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna’ that touched the depths of hearts. Every heart throbbed with the beats of the song. Every heart cried, every eye teared and every face had this depiction: the school which had nurtured them for ten long years – they were sure to miss it, terribly miss it all.

Passing the candle and celebrating with the cake were the last of the events that witnessed emotional accounts from every corner of the hall; guests leaving teary eyed, teachers and students hugging each other and the juniors seeing the reflection in the eyes of their seniors of what they were going to encounter a year later on the same platform.


April 19, 2013