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Life Skills Enhancing Overnight Camp 2015 for Class 2nd

December 21, 2015 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Why are 225 students  of Class 2nd bursting with excitement today?

Because they are thrilled to be part of the overnight camp in school a much awaited day in their lives.

Organising camps for youngsters is an integral feature in the school calendar aimed to give students time away from books and studies.

Why are camps so important?

Camp is real and helps   unplug from technology – When kids take a break from TV, cell phones, and the Internet, they rediscover their creative powers and engage the real world— real people, real activities, and real emotions. They realize, there’s always plenty to do.

Camp expands every child’s abilities and Develops life-long skills – Camps provide the right instruction, equipment and facilities for kids to enhance their sports abilities, their artistic talents, and their adventure skills. The sheer variety of activities offered at camp, makes it easy for kids to discover and develop what they like to do.

Camp helps kids develop who they are and Grow more independent – Camp is the perfect place for kids to practice making decisions for themselves without parents and teachers guiding every move. Managing their daily choices in the safe, caring environment of camp, children welcome this as a freedom to blossom in new directions.

At camp we play! and have free time for unstructured play – Free from the overly-structured, overly-scheduled routines of home and school, life at camp gives children much needed free time to just play. Camp is a slice of carefree living where kids can relax, laugh, and be silly all day long.

Camp builds teamwork and helps kids Learn social skills – Coming to camp means joining a close-knit community where everyone must agree to cooperate and respect each other. When they live with others, kids share chores, resolve disagreements, and see firsthand the importance of sincere communication.

So, let’s begin the day with gusto and joy.


Day 02 – 14 June, 2015


After a hearty breakfast, our Lil Champs, gave their best shot when they posed for a group photo. Then they proceeded towards the atrium to draw and depict their best moments at the camp.

The overnight camp concluded with an assembly-children sang songs, performed traditional dance “Rouf”, spoke about what the liked at the camp.

It was a real life experience for all the kids of class 2nd who experienced staying away from home with the friends and teachers. The environment was so energetic that all the students were completely engrossed and did all the tasks enthusiastically. It was a memorable experience for all kids, an event to cherish forever!!!

WAKE UP AND SHINE  6.30 am – 7.00 am

A brisk morning walk and exercise gets our youngsters the right start to a new day.

Day 01 – 13 June, 2015

PARTY TIME  8.00 pm – 9.00 pm

Children relished the candle light dinner with their peers.

KEEP SMALL HANDS BUSY!  5.00 pm – 7.30 pm

Arts and crafts are to the mind what sports are to body. Children went on by exploring their creative skills. They enjoyed crafting objects like “Aquarium”, “Bunny”, “Wool Hanging”, “Roses” using disposable plates, bottles, straws, bubble paper, etc. It was worth seeing our youngest lot engrossed in their activities, showing patience and determination and later all the children came up with some very creative artwork. Kudos! Lil Champs.

TEA TIME  4.30 pm – 5.00 pm

It’s tea time lads. Let’s sip some tea and get refreshed.


Our young scientists conducted safe, fun and insightful experiments like “Smoke Rings”, “Rocket Balloon”, “Walking Water”, “Shooter”, etc (under the watchful supervision of teachers) to unleash  their inner scientist. It also gave them the chance to test their skills by making creative objects with everyday items found around the house and more.

Bravo youngsters, you’re a rocking bunch of kids!

SIESTA TIME  2.00 pm – 3.00 pm

After lunch, the students relaxed for a while just to boost up their energy for the next upcoming fun activity.

YUMMY IN MY TUMMY!  1.00 pm – 2.00 pm

Scrumptious food awaited the youngsters after their activity session. Check out girls and guys tucking into delicious food…Emmmmm Yummy!

ON YOUR MARKS, GET SET, GO!  11.20 am – 1.00 pm

Activity time was full of thrilling games where kids enjoyed various activities like “Banana Race”, “Back to Back Balloon Race”, “Empty the bucket”, and “Tailing the Donkey” which fosters friendships, created laughter and also tested children’s alertness.

READY, SET BREAKFAST!  10.30 am – 11.20 am

The now famished kids then proceed to the canteen area for a delicious breakfast and eat to their heart’s content.

ASSEMBLY  10.00 am – 10.30 am

The day began with a special assembly conducted by teachers which included a Welcome Song and a Short Skit based on theme of the month i.e, “Me and The World of Discoveries” which provided them information about various inventions and their inventors. The skit set their mood for the day urging them to explore their surroundings.


After registration students say a not so tearful Goodbye to their parents and keep their luggage and rush to the assembly spot.



December 21, 2015
8:00 am - 5:00 pm